Corrugated Paperboard


The corrugated industry is one of the largest segments of the current business of packaging. As such this sector of activity requires advanced cutting and rapid circulation which can produce up to one thousand square meters per minute. The entire production line must be rigorous and high speed. The IMV is present in this sector, particularly in conceção of Transport Tables, Stackers, Palletizers. I wanted to see some of our work. Tell us what you think, we become their thoughts into reality.

Rotary tables are a connection element which allow the transfer of material between several machines.
They redirect (90 º, 180 º, 360 º rotations) empty or full pallets, pallets of paper or any kind of material.
They transfer them to the line for product clearance.
We make your line fully automated.
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We manufacture the conveyors according to the client’s needs, offering the possibility to vary between dimensions and material depending on each need.
Conveyors can be manufactured in different types, straight rollers, tapered rollers, plastic belt, and can be motorised or by gravity.

Automated and centralized palletisation.
Combined with the quick changeover systems, it centres and elevates an entry load and then inserts a pallet directly under the load.
The palletisation loading device can be placed before or after a lashing and/or area of involvement.
Pallets can be placed manually, by stacker or with our automated pallet handler.

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Robot system for load palletisation.
The Pallet Handler can be operated manually or it can be integrated in an automatic system.
A controller for safety functionalities is provided.
Custom made solutions is our specialty, let us know what you need and we will handle the rest.

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