Founded in 1995, IMV – Metalomecânica Lda, initially constructed machines for the glass industry. Over the years and with greater knowledge, the company’s business areas became wider and machinery has been built for the corrugated board, ceramics, wood and general industries, and more recently the automated lines for the automotive sector, these are currently our main business areas.

Always reducing costs and increasing quality, productivity and competitiveness, the world industry has sought better and better solutions, both economically and functionally. By being flexible and innovating, IMV has been able to adapt to the markets ever tighter demands and stay ahead of its competition.

IMV – Metalomecânica Lda, is a Portuguese company dedicated to the construction of industrial equipment. All manufactured equipment is conceived and planned according to the needs of each client.

Every equipment built at IMV has been bespoke to the costumers’ needs. In order to achieve this, our design office plans every step of the process, not leaving anything to chance. As your project leaves the design stage to fabrication, assembly, testing, shipping and then installation, every activity is closely monitored in order to assure the required quality in the proposed timings.

At IMV, each costumer is special and unique bringing with them a different challenge.

With a team of 70 professionals, distributed across the different organizational areas, we design and manufacture equipment for the most diverse types of industry, always with our spirit of innovation that each particular client demands.

At the end of each project we appreciate your satisfaction and knowing that your were greatly served and more industrialized.



Technical, engineering solutions and manufacturing methods are implemented with the aim of achieving high quality standards and strict adherence to deadlines. For this guarantee, now, the fully operational and efficiency of our solutions. All our equipment is designed according to their investment strategy, methods of work of your company and adquação space that will occupy.